Before all you children became kids and were offered plastic encased pick 'n mix in supermarkets across the world, there was an ancient and old age time where the sweet shop was a haven of whimsical and magical jars of sweets.

Row upon row, shelf upon shelf, large jars of retro sweets would adorn every crevice of a high street sweet shop. Many adults boil with delight when their inner child bursts from within and reminisces about childhood days queuing with their pennies for a bag of Rhubarb and Custard boiled sweets, candy necklaces and aniseed balls.

Grandads and Dads, Mums and Nans tell their war time stories of how sweets would rain down from the shelves above. Attacked by sherbet filled wafer flying saucers, an invasion of chocolate white mice and children at school turning into sweet tooth frenzied ghouls with their fizzy vampire teeth and terror eyes.

There's something truly spectacular about retro sweets that all generations can enjoy. A bag of sweets or even a quarter of your favourite white chocolate fish and chips can bring memories flooding back. An age before television, an era before the internet and a world without space flight.

Retro sweets allowed you to become an adult and partake in a similar activity as Mum and Dad. You could go down the pub aged eight and have a gum beer bottle, take out a packet of stick candy cigarettes and top up your pipe with sweet tobacco.

From boiled sweets to space dust, chocolate buttons and suckable whistles, retro sweets are as popular today as they were one hundred years ago. Only today you are blessed with being able to order much more than a quarter of a pound of sweets. You can buy whole boxes of sweets, gift jars, hampers and order parma violets to your love hearts content.